Learning Products

An end-to-end learning and administration

system for new age schools

An end-to-end learning and administration system for new age schools

Uolo is helping over 5.2 million students across

13000+ schools, learn better.

About Uolo

We are a learning company that aims to empower schools across India to nurture future-ready students equipped with new-age skills. We do so by providing scholastic in-school curricular programs in essential skills like English Communication, Coding, etc. This enables schools to ensure all-around development for their students.

We also help schools to administer efficiently and effectively with our sophisticated school platform.

Our Mission

"Our goal is to connect all K-12 students with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential. We do this by listening to the schools, teachers and families. We help them work together as a community and bring the world’s best learning experiences into their classrooms and homes."

Our belief

We believe edtech has the power to improve education and enrich the lives of everyone in the society. We believe that the schools of today will go beyond the confines of their physical spaces to a continuum that extends even after the school teaching hours. We are developing amazing technology to aid this transformation and are building products that teachers love and schools can depend upon.

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