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Coding Focused Computer Science Curriculum

An NEP 2020 aligned scholastic curriculum

How does Tekie help your school?

Course Book
Animated Videos
Coding Platform
Program Enablement
Computer Science books in a story-telling format
Projects promoting interactive hands-on learning
Extensive coverage of new age computer science concepts and topics
Visualizing Abstract Concepts
Simplify complex concepts through visual representation
Engaging Storytelling
Characters and scenarios related to computer science pique students' interest and make topics relatable
Flexibility and Accessibility
Online videos support student-paced, personalised learning at home
Access to Student Platform
Seamlessly practise coding anywhere and continue where you left off
NSDC Certificate
Certificate for students from National Skill Development Council (NSDC)*
Going the extra mile
Coding Camps, Hackathon, Webinars and much more
Comprehensive Robotics Learning
Enabling students to simulate and code robot
Comprehensive teacher training
  • Helping teachers stay updated with the latest educational trends
  • On-demand sync-ups with Tekie’s subject matter experts
Access to teacher portal
  • Seamless management of lab classes
  • Automatic student attendance and assignment grading
Teacher-manual and Question Paper Generator
Our Tekie Curriculum

50K+ students from 100+ schools are

practising for 16 million+ minutes per

month on Tekie from Uolo

50K+ students from 100+ schools are practising for 16+ million minutes per month on Tekie from Uolo

  • On Speak
    The Speak program was easy to implement and Uolo’s team offered support & training. The teachers find it helpful and parents like it as they can keep track of their child’s progress on the app.
    Mrs. Swati Srivastava,
    Montfort School,
  • On Manage
    The School platform is quite easy to use and saves the effort of the staff. The fees dashboard helps us in fee collection, conciliation, as well auto-generation of fee receipt.
    Mr. Anurag Ghosh
    Stanford International School
    West Bengal
  • On Tekie
    Tekie is a coding platform that uses storytelling to make learning to code a movie-like experience which makes coding fun for students. Tekie’s service experience is good too.
    Ms. Kavita
    Teacher, Glentree Academy,
  • On Speak
    Speak’s classroom activities draw big participation from students and they equally love the quizzes on app. The detailed performance reports help us keep a track of students’ progress.
    Mrs. Shivani Kashyap,
    Anand Public School,
  • On Tekie
    Tekie has a futuristic curriculum that will help students to know more about computers and basics of coding. Tekie’s team is highly cooperative to solve any queries and is ready to help us.
    Mrs. Feroza
    Prestige International School,
  • On Manage
    Through the chat feature, we can send homework and class notes right from our mobile app. It helps us keep parents informed on their child’s attendance and participation in class.
    Mrs. Radhika Goyal,
    Kidsland Public School,

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