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Mathematical Thinking

An NEP 2020 aligned scholastic curriculum

Curriculum aligned content for classroom and beyond

How does Imagine help your school?

Course Book
Diagnostic Assessment
Digital Content
Experiential Learning
Course Book
NEP-2020 aligned book helps students to understand complex concepts through real life applications
Teacher Manual & Question Paper Generator
Lesson plans and activities help teachers to make class engaging. Extensive question bank for assessments.
Video Solutions
Step-by-step video solutions guide students, eliminating the need for expensive tuitions
Diagnostic Assessment
Uolo conducts a diagnostic assessment aligned with class concepts on a date set by school management
Report for Teachers
Reveals topic-wise learning gaps, enabling targeted interventions for each class
Personalised Remediation for Students
Pinpoints student-specific areas needing attention, offers personalized practice sheets for mastery
Math Gym
Enhances young learners' mental math for quicker, precise calculations.
Work Sheets
Provides interactive engagement, instant feedback, and adapts to diverse skill levels in line with NEP2020
Experiential Learning with Dino Lab
Teacher-unlocked immersive exercises bring math concepts to life, aiding visualization of abstract ideas.

Imagine program has let to a 12% improvement in students’ mathematics' grades across 500+ schools

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