English - Learn by Practise

What’s unique:

  • No need to setup dedicated language / computer lab

  • Children learn by practising english on parents’ smartphone

  • 7X more exposure to english language compared to traditional lab


  • Teachers assign practise lessons for students and check progress

  • Enhancement of english speaking skills and listening comprehension

  • Different learning levels mapped to school grades

Have gotten excellent feedback on Uolo’s English app from parents. The progress of students is very visible to parents

Online Classes

What’s unique:

  • Cost effective solution with all classes automatically recorded

  • School management get detailed report on scheduled classes and attendance

  • Automatic intimation & reminders to students for upcoming classes


  • Teachers can schedule and edit classes from within the Uolo App

  • Single click joining for students - no struggling for links, password / pin

  • 100% Secure - students from outside of the school / class cannot join

I was very nervous because I had never worked on a computer before but taking online classes with Uolo on mobile was very easy and intuitive

Online Homework

What’s unique:

  • Seamless solution that works with all mediums - mobile, tablet and web

  • Video & Audio submissions can be seamlessly done by students

  • School management gets detailed report on submission and grading


  • Students can do homework on school notebook and submit by clicking pictures

  • Teacher can remind students who have not submitted the homework

  • Teachers can grade submissions and give personalised 1:1 feedback

All students in my school have to read out their english books and submit the video which the teacher evaluates. Parents are loving it

Online Tests

What’s unique:

  • Extensive Question Bank across subjects to choose questions from

  • Supports all common question types - subjective, objective, image based etc

  • School management gets detailed report on tests and student performance


  • Students get notified on Uolo app and can take test on mobile app or web

  • Teachers can make their own question paper or use papers made by other teachers

  • Tests get auto-graded and detailed reports sent to students

Having short periodic quizzes that teachers give but are auto-graded creates discipline in children without burdening the teacher. It's very practical.

english learning

Interactive Videos

What’s unique:

  • Create your own learning content from videos freely available on youtube

  • Add questions to these videos to track your students' comprehension

  • Check if students are watching your video and if they have understood it


  • Teachers can add their own voice on youtube videos

  • Children can learn from world’s best content at no additional cost

  • Works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and web

My school has turned the cartoon time of my kids into learning time by putting quizzes on top of interesting youtube videos.