Why not a full school ERP?

  • 90% of the private schools in India do not use even 25% of features in an ERP but pay for complete software.

  • School ERP are cumbersome and non-intuitive

Dotted Line cloud-group

Uolo offers modular cloud based school ERP with a very simple and intuitive user interface. You can keep adding new modules as your digital needs evolve.

We had tried 3 different ERPs across different branches before realising what we needed instead was a simple solution that everyone in school was comfortable using.


School Fees


  • Customizable fee heads and collection structure

  • Support multiple fee plans in a class

  • Handle both staff and student concessions

  • Management Reports - daily collections, defaulters, branch / class wise views

  • Collect fees online - credit card / netbanking

  • Maintain Multiple bank accounts



  • Add subjects according to the curriculum and group them as academic or non-academic

  • Assign teachers to the subjects and their classes
    Teachers get restricted access to upload marks for their respective classes only

  • Generate comprehensive report cards with an extensive assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic performance

  • Publish results on Uolo for students with the click of the button




  • Mobile based attendance allows teachers to spend less time on administrative tasks

  • Allows subject-wise attendance. This ensures that students are not bunking a particular period

  • Message automatically goes to parent if student is not present in a class



  • Makes the process of capturing and follow-up with enquiries hasslefree

  • Automatic messages for student interview and admission can be sent to parents

  • Parents’ experience with school is seamless