Your window into the classroom

From homework, assignments, exam schedule to preparatory material, Uolo makes sure you get the information and learning resources needed to support your child’s learning at home

Ignite curiosity in your child

Uolo stimulates natural curiosity and imagination leading to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. We bring interesting and important topics that your child would enjoy knowing more about.

Continuous, actionable, 360° feedback

Uolo maintains a Knowledge Graph based on your child's performance on school homework. This links different concepts and helps you know their strengths & areas for improvement.


Connect anytime, anywhere

School updates are just a tap away. Keep track of your child’s progress wherever you are with Uolo's mobile app

Through Uolo I get to know about specific moments from the school day around which I can have beautiful conversations with my daughter after school

Automatic updates in real time

Now you won’t have to wait for your child to show you their grades. See assignment and quiz scores as soon as they are graded by your child’s teacher

There’s so much happening at school that I used to get stressed if my daughter missed school even for a day. With Uolo this fear of missing out is gone


Better your child’s school grades

Supplementary videos, adaptive worksheets help reinforce what has been taught in school. Daily practise lays foundation of long lasting learning

After 3 months of daily practise, my son is no longer afraid of maths. Thanks Uolo!

Learn something new

Discover new ideas, products and facts worth knowing about through articles and topics carefully curated by our expert editors

I always believed that there is more to learn than what schools teach. Uolo’s fuze section has helped me take my child on that quest.