Make your day more productive

Save time in class by marking attendance and sending homework on Uolo’s easy to use mobile app. Spend more time engaging students one-on-one.

Lessons for 21st- century students

It feels like magic when a lesson captivates students and improves their understanding. With Uolo, it’s easy to share digital assignments, create quizzes, or bring your favorite tools onboard.

Be the teacher that changes lives

Everyone remembers the teacher who made a difference in their life. With its suite of digital tools to simplify communication and improve engagement, Uolo helps you be that teacher for your students.


An easy way to manage communication

  • Send text, video, images to Parents on app

  • Works on SMS

  • Supports all Indian languages

Before Uolo, the only app I used on my phone was WhatsApp. Learning to use Uolo was very easy for me.

Continue teaching beyond classroom

  • Record lesson videos from your phone

  • Assign homework, get submissions and share feedback

  • 1-Click live online classes with attendance

With Uolo, sending homework to students has become as simple as sending a photograph on a Whatsapp group


Meet the needs of every student

  • Apps for English Speaking, Listening

  • Apps for Math, Logic and Computational Thinking

  • Apps for Moral Science, Values and General Awareness

In my class of 35 students a lot of students are first generation learners. Uolo’s app for English speaking and listening have given them confidence while communicating in English

Painless, Error Free Reporting of Grades

  • Manage scholastic and co-scholastic grading

  • Import marks from excel sheet

  • Automatic upload to department of education’s website

Making the class report card was the most sapping part of my work as a class teacher. Uolo has allowed it quick while keeping it simple.


What schools are saying

Ms Kriti, Computer Faculty, Harishree Vidyalaya

Pallavi Shukla, Head - Academic Co-ordinator, St Paul’s School

Ms Maria Pinto, Headmistress, St Mary’s Matriculation School